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How to ingest metrics via API that have a resolution higher than 1 minute


I'm pushing metrics into the metrics ingest API every 5 minutes (because the data from the source is only updated every 5 minutes) and, the metrics are coming in fine; the type is fine (gauge), the units are fine (2 of them are Percent and 2 are BitPerSecond), but, on the default page for the CUSTOM Devices that are created from my entity extractions, there are 5 minute gaps on the charts, as seen in this screenshot:



Obviously I can create a custom dashboard with 5 minute resolution on the charts, but why do I need to do that?  Why can't Dynatrace be smart enough to see that the data coming in is only coming in 5 minute intervals and fill the gaps?


I've even tried updating the payload I send to the API with gauge,min:2,max:2,sum:10,count:5 (that example assumes a metric value of 2) so that it can then create 5 one minute interval pieces of data from that, but still, it just shows dots, 5 minutes apart on the default charts...  


It says in the docs that you can send metrics with timestamps as far back as one hour, indicating you don't have to send metrics every minute, but that appears to be the only way to get it to draw lines between each dot on the default charts...  

Is this just a ploy to make me send metrics every minute and thus increase our billing?  Is this an oversight?  Or is there something else I need to do to get it to accept metrics at resolutions higher than 1 minute?

If sending them every minute is required, they need to update the docs for that because nowhere does it say that.


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