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I am trying to send data to Dynatrace metrics using API. I encounter problem while creating custom device. Please help me.


As per Dynatrace Document, first I have to create request for "PUT" under "timeseries" which I had done successfully. Now next step is to create Custom Device for which I am trying to use "POST" method under

"Topology & Smartscape - Custom device"


And Here I encounter problem.







Hello Moinarik,

It seems there may be multiple issues here. I have identified the following

1. For your datapoint, you have the Timestamp for March 20, 2018. The documentation states that Values can't be reported more than 2 hours into the past. Explained here

2. The dimension you used in creating the custom metric was "coffee" but in the reporting metrics to the Device, you use "office". The dimension has to be the same as the one used in the custom metric creation. Explained here

3. Also you have the host name in the Body of your request. Is that a host in your environment? This is an optional field and not required so if you do not have a host with that name, I suggest you remove it totally. Explained here

Hope This Helps


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