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Integrating Dynatrace saas with third party tool



I want to integrate Dynatrace saas with a third party monitoring tool (want to pull the data into Dynatrace) . Tool is exposing its REST API (don't have any plugins) and Dynatrace will be the consumer. I got the proper end point URL, tested the API and got the expected JSON response.
In order to consume , we need to write some code in java or javascript. How to integrate this code with Dynatrace ,still in confusion.
If above steps are correct then what are the next steps( Otherwise correct me with right steps)


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

That depends on your detailed use-case. Can you explain in detail for which host or process you would like to send the data into Dynatrace? Are you collecting additional metrics for a process on a OneAgent monitored host? Then the answer is to write a Dynatrace custom plugin in Python that fetches the metric from your JSON interface and sends them directly into your process infographics screen.

In case you are fetching metrics for a host or system that is NOT monitored with a OneAgent, you will have to use our Custom entity and custom metric REST inteface:

You can write the glue code in any language and automatically create a custom device within Dynatrace smartscape and send your custom metrics onto that custom device.

There are some examples in Python available in Github, you can find them here:

Hi Wolfgang.

I´m very interested in getting monitoring data from several external Monitoring Tools (i.e: Monitoring Infrastructure Tools) and integrating it within Dynatrace SaaS or Managed. Should I use this technique in order to get it ?

Thank you.

Hi Juan,

Another alternative you can possibly explore is the registering of new custom metrics via the Dynatrace API. Please take a look at the link below on how to utilize this feature and let me know if you have any questions.



Hi Wolfgang.

Great, I´m going to study this possibility 'more in depth'.

Thank you very much.


In our case, we want to integrate Cyara (IVR monitoring tool) with dynatrace SaaS. We need to show the data captured by Cyara in Dynatrace saas. Cyara exposing its REST API.

I need to get more detail on that but in general how will I proceed in that.

I am using the custom integration for the alert notfication , please provide the Payloads details which we can use it the JSON Script

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