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Is it possible to container restarts for a CONTAINER_GROUP_INSTANCE?


I can grab a bunch of container statistics for CONTAINER_GROUP_INSTANCES easily, but I am trying to get container restarts for a container group instance in a given namespace. 

Is there any way to do this? Am I mixing apples and oranges here?

Any advice appreciated.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Do you want to perform a reboot or display information about restarts on your environments?

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Display the number of restarts per time interval.

There is a metric to report the number of container restarts: builtin:kubernetes.container.restarts

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Hi Radek, I cannot get this to pull for a CONTAINER_GROUP_INSTANCE. Is there a trick to this?

I can pull for a Kubernetes Namespace.

All my other CGI stats are being queried by CGI. 



For the builtin:kubernetes.container.restarts metric, you do not have the CONTAINER_GROUP_INSTANCE dimension available. This is a different entityType. It is only present for metrics:

  • builtin:containers.cpu.*
  • builtin:containers.memory.*

The metric that tells us about pod restarts on Kubernetes is builtin:kubernetes.container.restarts and below you have the dimensions you can use:

Kubernetes workload (dt.entity.cloud_application), Kubernetes pod (dt.entity.cloud_application_instance), Kubernetes namespace (dt.entity.cloud_application_namespace), Kubernetes cluster (dt.entity.kubernetes_cluster), Kubernetes node (dt. entity.kubernetes_node), dt.kubernetes.node.system_uuid,,,,,,,, k8s.pod.uid, k8s.workload.kind,

In this case, I would recommend using Kubernetes namespace.

Some docs for you:

Hope this help.


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