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Is there a way to customize the Service ID for my web application?


I have a nextjs app that i have deployed to ECS. The application image has OneAgent installed in it. I'm able to see the app as a Service in Dynatrace. The service ID something along the lines of SERVICE-XXXXXXXXXXXXX

I want to create dashboard templates for future apps that would be deployed via pulumi and I would like to include SERVICE_VERSATILE​ tile types in the dashboard, but they require the service ID.

Is there a way of customising the service ID so that it will be known before an app is deployed for the first time?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


I think that no but you can tags those entities where you are interested base on rules.

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Correct, it's not possible to customize the identifier itself. Also, service detection rules can override that.
If you need ID agnostic dashboard, you need to filter by tags, management zones, or other means as @AntonPineiro mentions. Some built-in widgets for Dashboard Classic such as the service tile won't allow you to do that, in that case - you can either display the data using Data Explorer tile (preferred) or you can configure the IDs in the dashboard JSON based on entity IDs lookup (you need to look up the IDs and update dashboard accordingly).

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