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Making network Calls through the API


I have been looking at Built-in metrics | Dynatrace Documentation, and trying to utilize the Network calls to retrieve and monitor data about our applications calls.  I am working on getting this data because we are integrating our data from several analytics providers into a single BI platform. 

I haven't seen any examples of Network or even DB calls using this info. I would love a demonstration. 


I have done most of my other calls using Timeseries, will that work here? Or would metrics or something else be better?


Community Team
Community Team

Hello everyone, does anyone have some thoughts about this subject? Thank you in advance!

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Hello @MicahD ,

use the Monitored Entities v2 API to get the relations between the entities. The API responses for entities do contain relations to other entities just as they are present in the Dynatrace UI. Look for the toRelationships / fromRelationships properties of the entity object .

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