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Monaco 2.0 : Reference a configuration build outside from Monaco project


I created a synthetic location with an API call (not in Monaco 2.0)

I would like to be able to reference this synthetic location in Monaco 2 but it seems impossible to reference it if it is not created in Monaco 2.0.

Do you have a solution ? Is it possible to reference a configuration which was not created in Monaco 2?

Thanks !


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


You can download synthetic scripts configuration with this command: "monaco download -e environments.yaml --specific-api synthetic-monitor".

You can read monaco documentation to create your project structure.

Best regards


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Hi - while downloading synthetic-scripts, they will show the entity ID for the private location. So new synthetic scripts can only be created with Monaco when the entity ID is already known (by synthetic script developers). At most customer sites, the private synthetic locations and synthetic scripts are managed by different teams ... An easier way for application teams to deploy synthetic scripts would be to have the possibility to lookup the ID of the private location. So instead of always trying to update the private location with each synthetic script (based on the template), Monaco should allow to do a name/type, or entitySelector lookup, and continue the remainder of the deployment (without modifying the referenced entity) .

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