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Monitored Entities API - totalCount value change


I am now working on the Monitoring Entities API and would like to get the full list of Process Group Instances in my environment.

Endpoint: /api/v2/entities

Query parameters: 


  'entitySelector': 'type("PROCESS_GROUP_INSTANCE")',
  'pageSize': 10000,
  'from': '1685640060000',
  'to': '1686417660000'


 Below is the response:


  "totalCount": 396289,
  "pageSize": 10000,
  "nextPageKey": "some nextPageKey",
  "entities": [
    { some entities details here}


The response above should be a historical data of all monitored Process Group Instances. However, I found that the value of "totalCount" will change from time to time, even if I have set the "from" and "to".

I would like to know why and how I can get the most accurate data.




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@StephenLHChan I'm assuming that your to and from is set as a past time frame in which the data should be solidified correct? And not something as a future state or -2h to now. 


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