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Need response time of specific URL


Hi all,

We have a requirement where we have to track response time of particular URL which should include the time taken for entire page load including click,micro services call etc

In dynatrace am unable to see mark as key request any where in the application

Can some one please help me how the same can be done via REST API


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

What you want to make is tracking user action (when you want pageload). You have to mark it as key user action, it is possible via gui of application. Go to user actions, find the one you want and there you will have option to do so. Key request can be done only on service level.


Regards, Sebastian


Hi sebastian,

Thanks for the response.

We are able to see that particular url getting tracked in user session tab and on click we are able to see all the links ,resources ,services being called

We need the avarage response time that particular application took for all user who have accessed with drill down on all the resources ,services calls etc via some report or via timeseries api

Kindly help hs with some example as we are unable to proceed further

We are using dynatrace SaaS

I understand, go to application -> User Actions and pick the one you want to track. Mark it as key user action. After that you can add it to dashboard. You will have duration of whole action with all parts. You can as well use USQL to chart it without marking as key user action. you will need only action name (in most cases it is url).

Regards, Sebastian

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