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Override Limits on Api v2 /metrics/query

Hi community friends!

Any legal idea on how to override the limit of 1001 score from Api v2 /metrics/query?

My use case:

-external people, whom don't want to know about clicking in Dynatrace, want an infrastructure report on disk space for every host in their envir.

-me:"going to prepare automated sheets and connection in excel in power query"

-me when power querying the hell out of Dynatrace api v2: "

{"error":{"code":403,"message":"The request involves up to 1105 independent dimension values, which exceeds the limit of 1001. Consider splitting your query into multiple smaller queries."}}

*I knew this was going to happen (also cause it's written)"

Since I'm in a managed installation I wonder if there is a parameter that I can change in order to override this limit.


I know that I can break the same Api call, in same little multiple call, but it seems very unpractical from my point of view

Thank you everybody in advance for feedbacks and ideas


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

There is two limits here : rate limiting is the number of requests per minute you can make to the API, this shouldn't be an issue in DT managed (at least in the past). However since this is implemented in the DT Managed built-in nginx you can override this by placing your own nginx proxy infront of your managed nodes and point those to the Java (Jetty) ports of your managed nodes instead of 443 (I believe it's port 8020/8021).

The limit you are seeing is in regards to dimensions, this you will not be able to trick. Is the dimension the number of hosts or the number of individual disks? You would really need to either limit the hosts by some means or the different disks.

E.g. if it is the hosts and you have no other means of grouping them (hostgroups, tags, ...), get the list of hosts first and then work them in batches maybe.

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