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Real time data feed into dynatrace saas


Hi All,

Is it possible to feed real time data into dynatrace . In our case, we are using Cyara for IVR monitoring. Customer want to show Cyara monitoring data in dynatrace . Cyara has exposed its REST API. How can we use those API to pull the data from Cyara into dynatrace.

Is that kind of integration possible.

Please advice


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

You have actually two options - Oneagent plugin (SDK) or Dynatrace API.

With Oneagent SDK you can write your own plugin using python. This plugin will be executed by Oneagent on your host. In your plugin you pull data (metrics) from your application and push it to dynatrace. With current SDK you can only push data for known process types or for operating system itself. You can't push data for custom entities (e.g. for objects where oneagent is not installed on the system). This is preferred for monitoring custom applications/processes on systems where oneagent is installed.

With Dynatrace REST API ( you can create custom devices and push your custom metrics to them. There is no Oneagent involved. However I'm not sure about alerting here. As far as I know baselining is available here yeat (for custom metrics) and I don't think you can setup custom alerts (yet). But you can see them in Smartscape and you can also display timeseries data on dashboards. For starting with custom devices API I also recommend reading this blog post (

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