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Timeseries data aggregation

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion



Looking at the timeseries, I see there is MAX ,SUM ,MIN , COUNT, AVG and Perc (1-99). Does this mean that there are 104 value's kept for every minute, 5 minutes, hours and days per measure?

And when you look at the AVG over (for example) 29 days these will be the avg (per 5 min), witch are the avg (from the 1 min)?


KR Henk



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

If the metric represents a statistical counter, every minute contains MAX, SUM, MIN and MAX. In case many measurements are collected for the metric within a minute (e.g.: service call response times, which can be ten thousands of individual measurements per minute) those metrics also offer a percentile aggregation type. A percentile type of metric stores the percentile function by using a approximation function that can deliver the percentiles from 1 to 99. Its not storing 100 individual percentile values per minute but rather a parameterized function.

Best greetings,


Hi Wollfgang,

Thx for your answer, should iin not be MAX,MIN, SUM and MED?

For the function you mention, is that the P2? algorithm (it is mentioned in the online docs)

KR Henk

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