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Token Management - no possibility to edit permissions


Today it is not possible to edit the permissions of a Token generated for interactions via API.

For example, a token allows data to be rendered on another company's internal platform. If the organization identifies that permission is "missing", it is not possible to "reuse" the same token. It is necessary to perform a "clone" indicating new permissions.

If this token is used by more than one platform, we may encounter situations that will cause "discomfort" for users.

This scenario does not contribute to updates that may be necessary given the platform updates themselves.

Therefore, I leave it as a suggestion to make available the functionality for editing permissions of generated tokens, as occurs in other services (for example: GitHub).


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@paulopeixoto this would be a great RFE! 


@ChadTurner What are the steps to subterm this implementation suggestion?

I haven't found a product idea based on this post.
Have you submitted it? If yes, can you share a link? 🙂

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