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V2 API Metrics Questions


In the Dynatrace V2 Metrics API, I have a few questions:


1) Can I set a time limit up for a DT V2 API query, or do I need to do that programmatically in my scripting? I ask because I would like it to timeout if a query is trying too hard or trying to return too much data.


2) Can I limit the amount of data that my API query will pull back? Once in a while, a query will return a huge amount of data.


3) Can I exclude certain data? For instance, when I pull disk data for a server, once in a while, I pull back an entity with thousands of disks from containers. I'd like to try and limit that in the query.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi @louis_gallo 


  1. IMO yes you should be handling timeouts, however the Dynatrace API will response with a 429 code in case it cannot process your request just yet. In that case I usually retry a couple of seconds later until my requests gets processed.
  2. Some API Endpoints give you the option to set a pageSize in order to limit the amount of data you get back. Other than that you could also set from/to parameters for a shorter timeframe.
  3. Again here you will find some endpoints let you specify an entitySelector to reduce the scope of your query. For your example I would use the entitySelector either directly in the metric query or through the entitySelector parameters e.g:"dt.entity.disk",entitySelector("type(disk),entityName.equals(~"/var/vcap/store~")"))))):splitBy("dt.entity.disk")


Hope this helps.


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