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Was the problem.mainEvent property removed from the problems v2 endpoints?


As late as last week 10/16/2023 there was a MainEvent property on the Problems objects returned from the problems V2 endpoints.  The change log even still show the announcement.  However, as of today 10/31/2023 it is no longer returned and not mentioned in the documentation any longer either.  The MainEvent had a description field on it that was very useful and now it is not there.  Why was this removed?  It now looks like it is only in the evidenceDetails => details => dat => properties with the key of dt.event.description and only when you get the specific problem by ID



I concur.

I am setting up problem notifications this week and using the {ProblemDetailsJSONv2} macro which will populate with a payload equal to 

"{ProblemDetailsJSONv2}: Problem as json object following the structure from the Dynatrace Problems V2 API. The optional fields evidenceDetails and impactAnalysis are included, but recentComments is not."

On Monday this week, it was happily including the mainEvent property, but as of yesterday, that's gone.

It was, as you say, incredibly useful as it contained the mainEvent.description field of immense value. For example, a "low disk space" problem notification no longer has sufficient details to identify the disk that is low on space.  

That release note for 1.277 describes it, I can see our tenant is now on 1.278, and this release note shows it being removed: Dynatrace API changelog version 1.278 | Dynatrace Docs

I would also like to understand why and when it will return?

Thanks for the link to the change log for 1.278.  That at least confirms that it was removed, but not why.  It was very helpful because when getting a list of problems, it was on each problem and did not require an additional call to get details.  So, I agree, it would be good to know why it was removed and if it is coming back.

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