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Where can we view application API's

Hello Team,

Can we view application API's on one agent? If yes, could you please help me navigate on tenant?



We have installed one agent on application server and would like to see application API's on oneagent tenant. Is this possible?


Hi Chakravarthula,

can you clarify whay you mean by "application APIs"? Dynatrace has many different kinds of APIs.

If you are talking about the relationships of your Applications, you can get the Application layer of the Smartscape by using the Topology and Smartscape API:

If by application you mean your RUM data, you can use the User Sessions API:

best regards

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

If you mean, can you view the transactions using your application APIs, the answer is yes. They would be considered one or more services and should be visible under the "Transactions & services" menu item.

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