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Which REST interface(s) would be best for my listed tasks?


I have been tasked to see if we can grab the following information via the REST interface, but am unsure which REST documentation section to start in:

1) Retrieve the per-second median page hits and the 95% Response Time for a given service over a specified date range.

2) Retrieve error information for a given service over a similar timeframe

3) Retrieve any PurePath information we might be able to grab from that same service.

What documentation section(s) should I start with for gathering the above information?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


this is place you are looking for but be aware that there are available only metrics, not purepath data. Purepaths itself are impossible to export outside Dynatrace.


Regards, Sebastian

Alrighty, I'm a bit confused with the API documentation, I can see where I can select what appears to be a real-time timeseries, how do I specify the range of data that I want (please see OP for the type of request I'm looking to make). I'm not seeing any begin / end date function parameters

Did you check this url: ? It's one of available links on the page I've provided to you.

Regards, Sebastian

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