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Add Cluster Node with same IP after removing the old one.



We want to upgrade the OS of Dynatrace Cluster Nodes. But we want to create new VMs with the latest OS version instead of "in-place" upgrade. After that install the Dynatrace Managed and join them to the Dynatrace Cluster.

Since we do not want to create new network rules, the IPs of the new VMs should be the same as the old ones. Migration should then be addressed by removing an old node and attach a new one so that one common IP will be live at any moment. Allow the new VM to synchronize and then proceed with the next VM and so on until we are done.

My question is if this is going to work? Or Dynatrace will consider the IP binded to the old VM and reject the new Nodes?

Thank you.




As you will be removing the node from the cluster. And upgrading the OS then adding to the cluster. Then it should work without issues. 

but you have to consider the number of cluster nodes after removing the node so I won’t impact the cluster 

Hello Esam. There will be new nodes. We will update the old ones. That is why I am not sure if the cluster will accept existing IPs on new Nodes.

Hi @Theodore_x86 ,

so you will be adding new nodes before upgrading? The old IP addresses can be re-used without any issues


Hello @Theodore_x86 

There is some guides you need to follow if you want to remove/add a cluster node not lose the data or face any service interruption. please check below document for more details.


I do recommend using the backup restore method for such purpose, it will save you the time effort.




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