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Back up all server configuration files before upgrading the Managed cluster

Hi all.

We need ASAP the 'Dynatrace Cluster Upgrade' procedure backs up all server configuration files to be modified.

This would guarantee that in case the 'Dynatrace Cluster Upgrade Procedure' modified some of the Configuration Files (or even it was created from scratch) and that the change didn´t work for us , We would be able to restore it.




Frequent Guest

Yes, by some reason and under some circunstances when upgrading, the Configuration Files, could be altered, and if you did not backup or maintain the configuration file on another server, could have a potencial risk to loose the configuration.

We have also experienced on the configuration of the oneagents, where the hostgroup, tenant token, etc parameters appear with no configuration.


So is a great idea, to also backup the config files and be able to restore.


Thanks in advance.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hey @juanjo_garcia 

This has already existed since I remember. Just look at the product binaries directory (by default: /opt/dynatrace-managed/backup). There are all the config files backed up from before the previous upgrade.


Additionally, you should rather not modify configuration files but the corresponding files that we ensure persistence through the upgrade.

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

Hi Radoslaw.


Indeed, you are totally right.


I´ve just seen that all Dynatrace Server configuration Files were backed up under the Directory: /opt/dynatrace-managed/backup when We carried out the last 'Dynatrace Cluster Upgrade'.


Thank you very much for your post.



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