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Back up and restore a cluster


How to back up and restore Dynatrace Managed, need screenshot prompt, I am sorry even looking at the official documentation will not operate



Hello Lwl,


To configure automatic backup for a Dynatrace Managed cluster

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, go to Settings > Backup.

  2. Enable cluster backup and choose the scope:

    • User sessions may contain sensitive information.
      Exclude user sessions from the backup to remain compliant with GDPR.

    • Exclude timeseries metric data from the backup if your historical data isn't relevant and you only want to retain configuration data.

    • Include backup of Log Monitoring events.

  3. (Optional) Select data center. This step is required only if you have multiple data center deployment (Premium High Availability deployment). For more information on Premium High Availability deployments, see High availability for multi-data centers and Disaster recovery from backup

  4. Provide a full path to the mounted network file storage where backup archives are stored.

  5. Configure start time.


For cluster restore, please follow the below document and put into consideration 

  • To restore a cluster on the same host as the source cluster, make sure to uninstall it first.
  • Machines have a similar hardware and disk layout as the original cluster and sufficient capacity to handle the load after the restore.
  • Make sure the existing cluster is stopped to prevent two clusters with the same ID connecting to Dynatrace Mission Control. See Start/stop/restart a cluster.
  • Make sure that system users created for Dynatrace Managed have the same UID:GID identifiers on all nodes.
  • On each target node, mount the backup storage to, for example, /mnt/backup. This path is referred to as <path-to-backup> in the steps below.
  • Ensure the installer has read permissions to the NFS. For example: sudo adduser dynatrace && sudo chown -R dynatrace:dynatrace <path-to-backup>
  • Create your cluster inventory. You'll need this information during the restore.
    • IDs of nodes in the cluster. The backup of each node is stored in a dedicated directory whose name is based on the node identifier, in the format node_<node_id> (for example, node_1, node_5, etc).
    • IPv4 addresses of the new machines.
    • The IP address of the target machine for each node.
    • The node ID of the node that will become the seed node in the cluster.


For further details, please check the main document for cluster backup and restore.




Dynatrace Certified Professional - Dynatrace Partner -

Where is this path stored, in the cluster itself or on my computer

It's preferred to have this path on network storage attached to the old server and the new server to be easy to restore it. you can also put it on the same old server and then transfer it to the new one.

Dynatrace Certified Professional - Dynatrace Partner -

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