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Checking infrastructure communication


Hello everyone.

I am installing DT managed: 3 nodes cluster and 10 activegates.

Before doing the component installation I need to check that the communications are fine:

- between machines for cluster nodes

- between AG machines and cluster nodes (backwards)

- OA's machines and AG's machines

What command should I use to do it? Telnet, shh, ping ...?


Thanks a lot and best regards.

Jose A


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You can use telnet to check if the connection is possible. If the components aren't installed, nothing is listening on the remote port yet of course.

You can use netcat to listen on a port, so you can connect to it with telnet to test the connection e.g.:

nc -lv IP PORT

So for example to test OneAgent connections:

On the AG machine:

nc -lv AG-IP 9999

On the OA machine

telnet AG-IP 9999
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One more doubt.

How can I check that there is communication from node clusters to MissionControl?

Thanks again.


Jose A

You can use telnet there too, you can find the hostname and IP addresses for Mission Control in the documentation.

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