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Custom message & a banner at the time of sign in when using SSO


We have a requirement within our organization to display a keyword indicating a security classification and also required to info users accessing a consent.

This was requested in the past and enhancements were made but we couldn’t utilize this as we are using SAML2 so the sign in page is not presented. We also would like to redirect a user when signing out vs. going in a loop.

Any suggestions from anyone who found a creative way is appreciated.




Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Are you on SaaS or Managed, Raj?

Hello @ben_wrightson, we are Managed

Hi @mrc15816 

I had a similar case in one organization. The solution to the problem was to put up a simple web page with the necessary information about organization policy where there was a button to log on to the Dynatrace - the login was then done through SSO.


Have a nice day!

@radek_jasinski - thank you. We did for a short time and but the overhead that comes was not worth it vs being native to the tool.

Alternatively, set up a default (startup) Dashboard for users and include the information there.

Have a nice day!

Thank you I like this idea and will solve one problem, but I still need a place to put a security classification code and should be visible all the time. 

I have not encountered the possibility of displaying some information in the Dynatrace console on each tab.

As a last resort, you can use a tag or properties but it is limited as to the 100  of characters.

Have a nice day!

Have you seen the Sign-in page customization option: ? Would that help?

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