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Database not showing up in Dynatrace while being present on server with oneagent installed


We are using Dynatrace Managed and recently installed a oneagent (infra-only) on a database server.
This database server contains 2 databases: AMET en ADIM. They are Oracle databases.
We can see both databases as process instances in the same process group on the server. 

However, when looking in the 'database'-overview in Dynatrace, we only see the database 'AMET' and not 'ADIM'.

How is that possible? And how does Dynatrace decide what is a database and therefore shows it in the 'Database'-overview?

To be clear, we also want to see the database 'ADIM' in the 'database'-overview next to 'AMET'.

Any advice or tips are highly appreciated!


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Have you installed OneAgent in Full-stack mode in application server calling database?

Best regards

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Yes we have 5 application servers, all have been installed with 'full-stack'.

Kind regards

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

As replied  AntonPineiro can you check have you installed agent on application server?

Dynatrace creates services In "Databases" from data from application servers agents.

For example your app server uses JDBC. Dynatrace agent catches time of query.

Example - Response time of queryExample - Response time of query

Usually all new installations deployed on test envrionments without any traffic on it. Thats why we need to check this first. I often asking my colleagues not only restart application servers but also load it. 

Dynatrace creates Service only if there was a request.

Please check traffic\load on processess of app servers which calls "ADIM" database.



Alex Romanenkov


@Romanenkov_Al3x, thank you for your reply!
If I understand you correctly, you are asking if any of the application servers is making requests to this database and otherwise if some load/traffic can be generated so that these requests are made correct?
I asked my team to check this and will come back to this thread to update with the results!

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