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Description for User Groups Required


Dear Dynatrace Product Management,

we as Dynatrace admins, use OpenID with Azure AD as Identity Provider for user auth. 

However, in our Active Directory, user groups don't have meaningful names, instead they start with S1...., which is beyond our control. 

Usually one AD group is one application.

So for such cases, a description in Dynatrace would be vital to enable us to identify the group names, otherwise we wouldn't know which application or org unit the user belongs to (or just by some very tiresome ways):


I think right here would be some place for the description.

Considering that most of the features including policies have a description, it would make sense to add it to user groups as well.

Thank you.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi @AndrasKovacs, indeed, that is not possible currently. This feature is available in our Dynatrace solution deployed as SaaS. Thinking long-term, we don't plan to replicate this functionality in Dynatrace Managed. I hope you can get SaaS soon. Until then, I suggest keeping the mapping of group name-description/team in an external tool - for example, a spreadsheet.

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert


That's right, it is only available in SaaS..


I thought it wouldn't be time-consuming effort to create such a field in Managed as well. As long the bring-your-your-own-key capability is not yet clarified/supported by Dynatrace, we are not allowed to migrate to SaaS

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