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Looking to upgrade from Dynatrace Managed to SaaS? See how

Do I need a virtual IP address for a cluster of Managed nodes?


Can anyone help me with a document on this? Do we need a URL/VIP for cluster? Do OneAgents point to this URL/VIP or directly point to any of Managed server node?


I have Dynatrace Managed on-prem.



Hi Charles,

you don't need a virtual IP for Dynatrace cluster nodes. If you use the domain provided with your cluster, you get automatic failover and Load Balancing.

Edit: I just saw you asked for a document:

"Dynatrace Mission Control can automatically create a subdomain of dynatrace-managed.comfor you (e.g., and route your subdomain to the internal IP addresses of your cluster nodes. Dynatrace Managed can even create and update SSL certificates for your subdomain. So if you have a multi-node installation, you can now rely on DNS failover to provide high availability if a node becomes unavailable."

best regards


That is cool. Thanks Franz. I assumed that is for DC1, then if I created another cluster of Managed servers in a different DC2 as DR, then a different would be assigned. If I fail over from xxxx to xxxx2, I would need to re-direct all of OneAgents in DC1 to xxxx2. Perhaps I better use a SG in DC1 for failover purpose, then I just redirect SG to xxxx2. For the user access to web portal, then we have to tell them to switch to Perhaps a better solution is to have a global URL defined in DNS, so users will always use this global URL, and we just need to change DNS record for either xxxx or xxxx2. Correct?

I don't think it works like that. If you set up two clusters I'm not aware of any way to synchronize data between the two. OneAgents can only connect to the one of them that they were downloaded from.

What you can do is adding more nodes from to one cluster, because they don't have to be in the same data center but only in the same time zone. If you have OneAgents in another time zone you should install a security gateway on-site.

For a similar question see:


So based on your answer, if two DCs are in same zone, I just need to add new Managed server nodes in DC2 to the cluster in DC1 instead of creating a new cluster. If this is the case, the NoSQL db in DC2 will be synchronized across the network from DC1, which sounds like a perfect solution for DR. But if two DCs are not in same timezone, DR solution is not supported by Dynatrace for now. Am I correct?


Hi Franz,

I have in my customer here a similar situation, but they can't use the URL provided, due security polices, we'll need to create an internal URL pointing to Dynatrace clusters (5 nodes) in this case I know we will need a certificate to operate HTTPS transactions, but my question is I'll need to set a VIP address pointing to cluster nodes?


if yes (I need to do this with or without persistence? and to each ports? Just 443 or 8443 and 9999 too?);

if no (is there any document that says how Dynatrace server makes the failover and load balancing processes without a VIP address?)





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