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Dynatrace Managed hardware for supporting mainframe monitoring


Hello. I realize that there a public page where is detailed cluster sizing for Dynatrace managed hardware according to number of hosts to be monitored.

In the case of a Mainframe (z/OS) monitoring, are there any Dynatrace managed hardware sizing guidelines ?

Many Thanks!



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

You have to use these guidelines:

everything depends of number of hosts and the amount of traffic you expect to have. You may as well consider using more than one cluster if you want to have redundance of data.


Regards, Sebastian


@Jose L. After working with support on this to ensure you get the correct answer to your questions, It would be advised to follow the following guidelines as to how much that node size can compute.

The full link to where this image was captured from:

Its better to be bigger then needed rather then smaller as you will see adverse affects. However, keeping this in mind everyone's environment is different and might have added costs from a resources standpoint.

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