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Dynatrace Mobile App for Dynatrace Managed customers


Hi all,

I had a customer who like to receive notification from the Dynatrace Mobile App from it's Dynatrace Managed Clusters. However, due to customer infosec requirement, both Dynatrace Managed Cluster and Cluster ActiveGates does not have a public ip address or even NAT ip address.

The customer cluster activegates is fronted by Apache Httpd Reverse proxy which would proxy urlpath like /beacon/, /mbeacon/ and /e/ back to Cluster ActiveGate via port 9999 and Cluster ActiveGate is configured to use the apache public url

I notice a few problem, when customer receive the invite to download the Dynatrace Mobile App, the invite URL is a internal domain name and not public assigned one to the Cluster ActiveGate

Second problem, can we manually the download the Dynatrace Mobile App by changing the provide URL to the public 1 ? Is there any where in Dynatrace Mobile App to change to URL to get data from Customer Dynatrace Managed Cluster via the custom domain ?


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

The invite mail has been replaced by a QR code representing the address of the AG in an upcoming DT Managed release. So that linkage will get much easier in the future. The rollout of that feature should happen once you upgrade to release 162.

Hey Wolf,

Thanks for getting back so quickly. customer is on Dynatrace Managed version 162. I didn't see the QR code, maybe I will check again. So the QR code use the configured public cluster activegate url ?

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