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How to access Dynatrace Managed using customized URL?


We have installed Dynatrace Managed cluster (3 servers) and I need to access using URL example like  (using Primary node of the cluster) it works fine.

Question - I don't want to use my IP or hostname on the browser hence would like to use example 

How do I need to proceed, need to modify anything on the DNS level or do we have any feature in the DT.manage settings where I can update my custom URL so that I could access using that URL and also all the tenants too with tenant name...

Thank you


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor


for starters, you could use the auto-generated domain for the cluster - you can find the name in the cluster console - the domain is in the form (or if you need to go directly to a specific node).

If custom domain is needed, then it needs to be configured on customer DNS and preferably SSL certificate should be also provided to the cluster to enable secure acccess and avoid browser warnings

could you please elaborate "use the auto-generated procedure" and also custom domain procedure and SSL certificate too. I am looking some details on this pls.

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

the auto-generated domain does not require any additional setup in terms of DNS or SSL certificate - by default it is created right after the cluster installation. You can find out the domain name in cmc ui in settings/public endpoints or settings/preferences.
Custom cetificate setup is covered by

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