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Looking to upgrade from Dynatrace Managed to SaaS? See how

How to connect easyTravel to my Dynatrace Managed environment?


In the setup for Easytravel it is stated that you should be able to connect to Dynatrace SaaS:

Set following configuration properties for SaaS:

config.apmServerDefault = APM config.apmServerHost=live.dynatrace.comconfig.apmServerWebPort=443config.apmServerPort=443config.apmServerWebURL=<tenant_name>

Now I have an account on Dynatrace Managed

And would like to have the Easytravel application send the measurements to this site, and would guess that I just needed to alter and port number to something more appropriate.

1. Is this possible ?

2. What settings should be used ?

3. Does still exist ? When trying on the internet I just get sorry host not found.


Thanks in advance for any help. It will be appreciated.

Best regards

Carl Bruhn


Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

Carl, could you elaborate a little more on where you plan on monitoring easyTravel from? Is easyTravel beign installed on your local machine or on-prem? Also, is your Dynatrace environment a live account? The SaaS uses https://'token'

You may need to install a Dynatrace cluster which can be reached with a https://'token' domain. With an on-prem/managed install you would need the oneAgent and the token to match the one that exists within your environment. A security gateway can also be installed to make sure your traffic is talking to your Dynatrace server on the one port defined like 443


Hi Derek,

thank you for answering.

The EasyTravel is installed on a local machine, not member of a domain.

I don't have Dynatraced installed on-prem/managed, but uses as you can see in the picture

What I would like to do is having easyTravel talk to my setup/account on this site.

I would think it was just a matter of having the right configuration of the EasyTravel application, so that it would send information to the dynatrace managed setup in the cloud.

Best regards Carl

Dynatrace Guide
Dynatrace Guide

You should only have to go into your and deploy Dynatrace OneAgent as usual to your local machine. There shouldn't be any other configuration you have to do. Keep in mind, if you have any AppMon agents on your machine, the oneAgent will override them.

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