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How to join an existing Dynatrace Managed cluster?



We had installed Dynatrace managed in a machine and created a new Dynatrace Managed cluster.

We had to uninstall Dynatrace in the machine. After some time, we reinstalled Dynatrace in the same machine and license. The installation was done with the answer 'n' for "Do you want to join an existing Dynatrace cluster (y/n)?" section of Dynatrace installation.

The old public url is now not accessible. We need the data which was available in the old cluster.

Is there a way we can connect to existing Dynatrace cluster post installation?

If not, what are the options to retrieve the old data?






If you have reinstalled Dynatrace node license on the same machine with a new cluster URL , probably you have overwritten old cluster URL. ONly option to access old data is to access the old Cluster URL.

Because you have used that license for a new cluster URL , you will not be able to access the old URL now.

What you can do now is :

1) do you not have the OS level back up to restore the OS to a previous state ?

2) Please contact Dynatrace One Support and they should give you the best possible option in this case.

3) Please check the installation directory that you used for old install & new install ?

Are they different by any chance ? then u can try unsinstall the present dynatrace and install a new one with old directory : then see if you get that option to join existing cluster(chances are negligible)


HImanshu Mor

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