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How to restart Dynatrace Managed Service?

I didn't came across anything like this in the documentation.

I think to I need to start/restart it, because when I issued "ss grep 443" I didn't see anything, but actually the service is running as I've verified using command "ps -ef | grep dy".

So, I would really like to know which-file/how-to restart the dynatrace managed service, (I can do so now because there is still no agents connected to it.) and see how it'll goes.



Hey Wai,

I believe you are asking for how to restart the Dynatrace Managed Server. To restart Dynatrace Server, execute: /opt/dynatrace-managed/launcher/ restart

Please let me know if this answers your question.



Yes, the command is indeed correct, that did answer my question.

Now, the managed-server is taking forever to start, you have any idea why? if no I think most probably I'll have to open support ticket for this.

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