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Metrics vs Configuration vs Transaction storage


I always had troubles getting this documentation page right:

Back up and restore a cluster | Dynatrace Docs


It starts explaining about Metrics and configuration storage with no clue about its underlying technology Cassandra.

Then it starts taking about ElasticSearch technology with no clue what its purpose is about and what kind of data it holds. We can only read it is uncompressed binary format.


Then it moves on talking about Transactional storage but it neither explains the technology nor the type of data in it. We can only read there is no back up for Transactional storage.


I found this thread was asking many of the questions I have but questions remained unanswered even though it says Solved for some reason.

Solved: Transaction storage on Dynatrace Managed - Dynatrace Community


My understanding so far is that:


Cassandra holds metrics data and it is backed up daily on each cluster node with 80% data compression.

ElasticSearch search holds session data, distributed traces, problems and configuration data with incremental backup every 2 hours.


What is Transactional storage about and what is the database technology involved?

What else am I missing?


Kindly refer to the community thread above and comment there.

Please also update the doc page.

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What is transaction storage was explained in that thread.

It's stored as flat file, not any database. 

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