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Mission Control location




We are investigating the possibility to use Dynatrace for Monitoring & Event Management in an on-prem/disconnected setup for a large governmental customer in NL. For this matter we would have to install the Managed setup of the managing environment. Where would the Dynatrace Mission Control be located/reside in this environment? Can we install it in our own network disconnected from Dynatrace or would this mean that we couldn't use Dynatrace?


Thanks in advance for your answer.


Mission Control is hosted by Dynatrace, there is no way to install it on-prem. If you cannot allow outgoing connections towards Mission Control, then I suggest requesting an offline Managed license. For offline Managed, the Mission Control connection is not required. But then you have to take care of all Dynatrace software updates manually, as normally those are downloaded via Mission Control.

DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Hi @xstreur,


Dynatrace Mission Control is a central element of the architecture and located in Dynatrace datacenters.

You can have firewall rules to rectrict the access of Dynatrace Mission Control. We have also govermental and business clinets with this soultion. They open the firewalls for a short time (minutes) once a month for the product updates. 

But in this case you loose some features: remote support from DT (it can be contolled in the GUI), becasue they are not able analyze your system directly (instead of this you can send them support archives logs in case of a problem), and you will loose the real time Application Security becasue your local vulnerability database will not be refreshed until you do not open your firewall. 


(As far as I konw there is a managed offline version without Mission Control (eg. for military use), but I only heard a rumour about this version. Extra certification is required for it and more expensive than the "original" one.) 


This is a typical managed deployment:


I hope it helps. Have a nice day.


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