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Nginx deep monitoring not working for 1.23.2

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We are seeing less and less frontend monitoring as applications are getting updated on our end. It looks like deep monitoring is not working on the latest version and therefore the RUM scripts also do not get injected.

We are running Dynatrace Managed and OneAgent version 1.253.245, which should be the latest at this moment.

In the Dynatrace documentation it is stated that new nginx versions are usually supported after 2 weeks. We have had success with nginx 1.23.1. However, 1.23.2 seems to break injection with "Process is ready to be monitored, waiting for injection status... " on the OneAgent deployment status page.

Nginx version 1.23.2 was released on 2022-10-19 which is well over 1,5 month ago now, well over the 2 week announced time. And I can't find any reference to nginx addition in the latest release notes.

Does anyone know if anything recently changed regarding nginx injection that needs a setting change on our end or is the only way to fix this to downgrade nginx? We'd rather stay on top of the latest security patches with a slight delay if we can.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I had a similar issue and it was due to an outdated JS Library, have you upgrade the JS library? 


I don't think it's the JS library. Dynatrace is supposed to be auto injecting the RUM js into the static HTML response. That is currently broken for the new nginx versions. As well as any other deep inspection specific nginx stats.

Even now, a month later it's still not working for 1.23.2 or 1.23.3 after a restart with oneagent version 1.255.195.

I do see that in the oneagent deployment status the monitoring status of that nginx process says: "Process is ready to be monitored, waiting for injection status... " So deep monitoring is still enabled, it's just not responding properly?

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

I have a concern and a suggestion for this Nginx version support, where it says "Latest versions are supported typically within 2 weeks after last OneAgent release." The problem is, I do not remember seeing the update in the Nginx version support in the OneAgent relase notes, and it will be grate to have it, or else we will need to start guessing (typically) what the current version it supports.

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