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OneAgent is not Reportiong to Managed Cluster


Hello Sir,


We have Managed cluster configured in our organisation having one Public IP and One Private/Local IP, I have deploy OneAgent in a server from where Telnet is not happening to Cluster's Public IP with port 443, But Telnet connection is enabled to Private IP with port 443. So i Downloaded and deployed the OneAgent using that Private IP link, After installation we have noticed that there is no any data showing on UI, Not showing Deployment status...  While troubleshooting, i have noticed that there is Zabbix-agent is already Active in same server.
So, My question is that, there is disconnection between OneAgent and cluster, Is it because of that already running Zabbix-agent or because of the Telnet is not happening from server where OneAgent is deployed to Public IP of Managed cluster... (Telnet is enabled with Private IP)
Kindly Help.

Thank You



Dynatrace uses port 443 for it agents to talk to the server.

I believe Zabbix using different prts. You will need to confirm this.

Telnet is enabled with Private IP. Doesnt mean its allow to go out and talk to the Dynatrace server.

You may also want to do a netstat to confirm no other process or apps are using the port 443.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Zabbix Agent works on ports 10050 and 10051
Dynatrace watchdog works on the first available port between port 50000 and 50100

You can use agentctl to verify which are the known endpoints from the oneagent.



You can also check the OneAgent logs to see where it tries to connect to. I find that there is a lot of useful information there. Other agents will only interfere with each other when they use the same ports for monitoring. Probably you can see it in the log files of the agent.

#Performance matter!

Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor


Thank You to all Gentlemen for your suggestions ...


The mentioned issue was resolved on the same day. The solution was simple
As i have change oneagents communication server from PublicIP to private IP by using oneagentctl 

Go To:   /opt/dynatrace/oneagent/agent/tools
then: ./oneagentctl --get-server
                       O/P Shown: {https://ServersPublicIP/communication}
                then: first stop OneAgent service
                then: ./oneagentctl --set-server=https://PrivateIP:port
                This will change the communication IP of cluster where oneagent is going to report.
Thank You

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