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Query on Dynatrace RACK Implementation


At present we have 6 cluster servers and we are planning to add 3 more servers and enable Dynatrace RACK solution for High Availability across 3 Data centers. 

Can we have Different OS version in the RACK, provided same OS type  and Hardware ?

Lets say the existing cluster servers(6) are RHEL 7.9 and the new servers(3) are 8.6, can we have RACK with these servers?

We tried this link ->

However there is no clarity on multiple OS version on a cluster setup. Please Advise!


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hello @sethunava,
Yes Dynatrace supports different OS versions. But the recommendation is to have same OS version.




Have a nice day!

Eventually all the  cluster members would be of same OS, Since the new cluster members are of new OS and once we are into this RACK we are planning to upgrade the OS for existing cluster members when they are part of RACK.

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