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RUM injection requires basic authentication?


we have one case where basic authentication popup window appeared - just after fullstack Dynatrace monitoring was enabled. We identified one of Tomcat processes as source - when we disabled RUM injection - application started to behave correctly.
When we tried to tag user session via dtrum.identifyUser – the dtrum was not found, even we see ruxitagentjs in HTML as first script. Looks no data is coming back to Dynatrace.

Where should we continue with investigation?

BR, Josef


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


Please check that you have your network connection open and that you don't have blocked requests:

The second issue is the proper placement of JS in the source of your page.




Have a nice day!

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

@josef_solnicky , The ruxit js may be placed somewhere with no proper permissions in your app... Check the suggestion by @radek_jasinski , to change the default JS placement and issue should be resolved.

I faced this same behavior with my clients, mostly when they apps are exposed to users by a proxy, and app running on WAS. Changing the JS default context/path resolved the issue.

Site Reliability Engineer @ Kyndryl

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