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Rename cluster node in CMC


Hi, team! 

Is there any way that we can rename a cluster node in CMC? The goal is to have standard naming convention in our tenant. 

Currently, it shows 3 managed nodes. It shows 2 nodes with ip address and 1 with the hostname

I would appreciate if I can find resources or a documentation for this step. 





I was able to check this thread

Which stated that it could renamed by going to /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname

However, the 2 nodes that shows their ip as names on our CMC has the same standard naming applied on the node that shows the hostname on CMC. Not really sure what the problem here is. 

It gets the name from the embedded ActiveGate. Thus I'd recommend to check the activegate log at startup and check configured DNS entrypoint:



2021-02-19 01:28:44 UTC INFO    [<collector>] [ConnectivityDetectorImpl] Configured DNS Entrypoint:

Maybe you have configured your entrypoint in CMC for the particular node - this is usually done if you have multiple IP addresses on your cluster node.


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