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SSO failed when custom SSL was setup in the cluster node


A change was done from Dynatrace Managed SSL to custom SSL in Dynatrace Managed.

But SSO now fails to work after the custom SSL is changed.

While the Install your own SSL certificate for a cluster node | Dynatrace Docs

But there are some steps to do with DNS routing from link is not clear. Has anyone got any views or steps to do this to make the SSO understood?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@smartpraseetha were you able to get SSO set up on your instance of Dynatrace? Can you share with us any issues you ran into or things you learned to help other users in the community if they experience a similar issue? 


Sure @ChadTurner 

This could be different  based on each client setup – However these are the changes which may be required to meet  client own SSL provisioning.

Client approved SSL certificate for the DT application.

Changes were done in DT- UI go to Settings > Preferences in the Cluster Management Console and disable the Manage domain name and SSL certificates option. Dynatrace will then use a self-signed SSL certificate.

The URLS from was changed to client specific URL.

Necessary DNS and alias at the server levels with new SSL and URL to be changed as well.

Regarding the access to the application – SSO and standard authentication.

The process of Downloading the SP metadata and providing that to your security team will result in a new IDP XML file from them which will need to be uploaded in DT UI completing the set up.


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