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WebHook integration - need to disable the proxy


Hello community people!

We are about to integrate Dynatrace with a third party component (ITSM). For that we need to configure a webhook that will pass via proxy but proxy used to block this.


We got below solution from our support team.

  1. By changing custom.settings: As the configuration needs to be preserved during upgrades, you might need to use custom.settings file.
    Please edit /opt/dynatrace-managed/installer/custom.settings on all nodes with the following details
    proxy-off = true
    After that restart the nodes, which will block proxy for all outbound traffic.

Question: Will it impact to any incoming/outgoing traffic to/from mission control if we block the proxy on each and every Dynatrace cluster?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru
There is a quicker way that in principle is better than the one you reference. It's referenced in the link below, and is specifically assigned to the case of webhooks. It's also directly available through the GUI:
This integration would not affect the communication to/from mission control.
Antonio Sousa

We got to know this later but we have already followed the steps mentioned above. So is it ok to keep the settings we already followed ? or do I need to change that and follow this step ?

The configuration in UI takes precedence of what you define in config file

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert

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