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Where can I see the versions of the cluster, ActiveGate and OneAgent?

I would like to see where I can get the cluster version info, activegate version info and onegent version info from the console.



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

For dynatrace managed go to CMC and click on cluster (if you have multiple one you have to click on each one). There you will see cluster version.

ActiveGate versions you can find on deployment status, go to tab ActiveGates. Each of them will have marked version and info if upgrade is available.

To see OneAgent version you have to go to each host. There on properties on top you will see agent version on host. After upgrading host you have to restart all processes to allow them upgrade as well. This is why it is possible to have different version of agent on process and host. Such process will be marked as restart candidate.


Regards, Sebastian

Thx a lot

Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

In addition to Sebastian's correct answer:
The deployment status view also gives you a list of your hosts, including the OneAgent version. You even can filter for outdated OneAgents, etc.

Dynatrace ONE

Hello Sebastian,

Is there any way, besides the Dynatrace API, where I can easily get the version of the agents? Accessing each host to verify its version is counterproductive, we have 14000 hosts in the environment.



Carlos Coqueiro

When you go to Settings -> OneAgent updates you will see there amount of hosts that needs update. From that point you can go to deployment status with proper filter that will show you hosts needs update. With versions there is now easy way I think.


Regards, Sebastian

Frequent Guest


Is there any way to get the Dynatrace Managed Server version from the command line?

We tried: /opt/dynatrace/server/dynatraceserver --version

Output: Dynatrace Watchdog Version: - built 2019.11.15 10:50:48

But our installed version is actually: "".


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