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Would I be able to pass parameter/option to OneAgent installer if using Windows Group Policy?

Some of the servers meant to be installed in infra-only mode, while some servers need their log monitoring disabled. This create few combinations of customer requirement.

Would I be able to address all this requirement if automate the installation by using Wins Group Policy? If yes, I can automate one time only, or have to automate for each different combinations? (i.e if there are 3 combinations of requirement, I have to use windows group policy method 3 times )


Dynatrace Enthusiast
Dynatrace Enthusiast

Yes, it is possible to control infra-only mode and log monitoring enabled via command-line.
For the first INFRA_ONLY parameter should be used and for the latter APP_LOG_CONTENT_ACCESS.
See for details.

To install via Windows Group Policy, please use our MSI installer.

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