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Would merging of partition in Managed Server rendered the license invalid?

Would merging of partition in Managed Server Rendered the license invalid (and thus, need us to actually reinstall Managed Server), if, it could ever be done?

My situation: I didn't merge the partition and thus, now it is not enough space for a long data retention period (currently only have around 3 days data retention period)

I would like to merge the two partition into one, to overcome this ...mistake by me. I should have check on this before install Managed Server.

Anyway, thought it would be better to ask it here or to support team first, who knows it might really turns out later the license is invalid after I do so?

Anyone got any experience or comment about this?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

No, I'd just recommend to shutdown all services, drop the /dev/mapper/rhel-home partition (don't forget to move any data from that partition to the root partition) and expand the root partition and resize the underlying filesystem (you can do that online). Or you can mount the current /dev/mapper/rhel-home to /var/opt/dynatrace-managed (if that is your data location).

I believe license won't be affected by any partition changes, but as far as I know, for a re-installation you will need contact support for re-activating the license key for a new installation, so I'd try to avoid reinstallation unless something gets really broken.

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License is still valid after do so.

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