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busybox process is not visible in process list


Our deployment is as follows,

We are running 2 busybox docker containers running in a pod which are writing some logs to standard out.

Pods are running on a node as part of Kubernetes

Dynatrace agent is installed and running on the node

The node is running as part of an auto scaled Kubernetes cluster

On the node in /var/log/pods/* we can see the logs from the two containers.

We are able to see the containers in Dynatrace


We are unable to see the logs in Dynatrace

We are also not able to see the processes in Dynatrace.

There are other pods which are tomcat based for which the logs and processes are visible in Dynatrace 

Can Dynatrace handle logs coming from a script running inside a busybox container?

Is there any additional configuration needed for busybox?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hey King,

As detailed in the following docs Log Monitoring in Kubernetes | Dynatrace Docs, auto discovery won't work if Dynatrace hasn't identified the process writing to the log. You will need to define a custom log source which will hopefully allow the agent to pick up on the missing logs Custom log source | Dynatrace Docs. From your description of the situation this should work as the logs are contained within /var/log.

Hope this helps!

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