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dtuser creation failed on linux


hi all,

im facing this error while installing oneagent on linux:



error: failed to create dtuser 

non-privileged mode was not enabled


oneagent failed to connect to dynatrace cluster




how can i fix this ?

aside, which monitoring capabilities will i loose ?


thank you all in advance



DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Hello. Can you provide more information about this OS?

cat /etc/*-release

You can check tecnology support by this documentation:

default UID, GID for dtuser is 1000:1000.

If on your system already exist another user with this ID, for example sysops:1000:1000, you can create dtuser by yourself.


sudo cat /etc/passwd | grep 1000


This is example if you cant delete user with uid:gid - 1000.


useradd -s /bin/false dtuser



passwd dtuser



usermod -u 997 dtuser



groupmod -g 997 dtuser


Last string in installation log address you to check network connectivity between OneAgent (host) and monitoring endpoints ActiveGates/Nodes.

host --> activegate:9999

host --> node:443 or to saas endpoint.

You can contact Dynatrace One and get support faster in context your case, since the specialists will have inside information, which I do not have. Them will help you with this faster.



Alex Romanenkov


hi @Romanenkov_Al3x we checked but there is a group called dtuser instead. we tried deleting it and creating dtuser  user but we stilll having problem with the installation: 

error: failed to create dtuser 


is an oracle linux




DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


From what I can see in the screenshot, my best bet would be that dtuser already existed when you ran the script.

The installation proceeded, but ultimately was not successful because it couldn't connect to AG/tenant.

Please check if dtuser does exist, and solve connectivity issue.

Antonio Sousa

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