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old data not showing after restore

hi all,

i have some problem with old data after backup restore, i use the restore from backup method like the one in this document .

after I have done all the steps, but the data that I backed up did not appear after I did this method, only the most recent data appears on dynatrace.

any one can help me?


hi @islam_zidan do you have any experience with my problem?

Hi Sandi,

I faced a situation like that before, but before that let me ask you:

1- what the type of data that you miss (transactions, time series metric data, user sessions)

2- the new server, does it has the same storage like the old one or larger?

3- restoring Elasticsearch is happening on seed node only, while Cassandra restore is happening on all nodes starting with the seed node.

In my case, i forgot to restore Cassandra backup on one of nodes, so part of the history was missing. also make sure that the date and time on the new node is matching with the old node.




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@sandi_pusghiyan we have performed backup & restore in our environment we didn’t experience the issue you described, we have confirmed that all nodes have successfully completed the Cassandra & ElasticSearch is restored. However we noticed that right after the backup was completed we started the restore process and we found few hours worth of data missing but we had everything else expect traces which was expected.

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