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/var/opt/dynatrace-managed must be empty


In the Dynatrace Managed install docs, it recommends splitting up the directories on to several partitions, which makes sense.

BUT. When I got to run the installer, I get:

```Starting Dynatrace installer ...
Installation failed.
Errors occurred:
Following problems were found during scanning of filesystem: Directory /var/opt/dynatrace-managed must be empty```

It is impossible to have that directory empty because there are several mount points created downstream such as /var/opt/dynatrace-managed/logs. There is no option in the installer to bypass this check.

Thanks for your help!


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hey Marcus,

please try the following:

Temporarily move the folders and then put them back into place after the installation.

This worked for me before.

Hope it helps.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

For me sounds like a misconfiguration. Can you share with us how directories have you set up ?

Senior Product Manager,
Dynatrace Managed expert


For example, it is recommended to have /var/opt/dynatrace-managed/logs on a separate partition with the recommended size listed here:(

Dynatrace won't install if the logs directory exists already. So that means I have to installed dynatrace managed, make a temp dir, copy whatever was put in ./logs into temp. Mount the ./logs partition, then copy everything back to logs and remove the temp dir. This has to happen with the agents and the installation subdirectories too. It makes it very difficult to automate via ansible. If I were somehow able to bypass that check, then I would not have to do this. Is that the way dynatrace is recommending we do the install? remove all subdirectories, install, copy to temp dir, mount, copy back, delete temp dir?

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