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Apache Web Service disappear in Transaction and Services


Hi, our Apache web service disappeared in transaction and services in one agent when no one accesses the app pool. Anyone has an idea why? Thanks!


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


The service may disappear if there has not been any traffic to it within the selected time frame.

In order to see services with intermittent traffic, you may need to select a larger window from the time frame selector.


Matthew Gardner

The app pool disappear is normal, but the Apache web server should always be there right? I am missing the apache web servers as well.

Is the process group for Apache disappearing, or the host itself?


Matthew Gardner

process group for Apache disappears

This is normal as well if there is no traffic in the selected timeframe and the process is not running


Matthew Gardner

Process group must be there always even if there is no traffic to the services. Is the process really running on the host?

Services may disappear if there are not request for them, but process groups do not disappear.

No, the process group is gone

But that means the process is not running on the host. Did you check the process presence? (you can check it by downloading the support archive in Dynatrace UI for the host, available in the 3-dot menu)

By the way - this is perfectly normal situation for IIS App pools in default situation - the process really stops and is started after next request to IIS.