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Best/Fastest way to refresh a page?


Since there exists no way to automatically refresh a page in Dynatrace (except in Dashboards, I believe), and since sometimes I need to refresh the data in some particular graph, I usually did it with the F5/Refresh functionality of the browser.

Given the nature of the Dynatrace UI, I figured out that just simply pressing the same timeframe selector again would result in a much faster refresh.

But it still takes some time. Is there someway to get a faster refresh?



Assuming you are using chrome, you can download plugins from chrome that will automatically refresh your page after X amount of time. Also there are plugins that will cycle through tabs. So say you have a monitoring PC that displays metrics on a TV, and those metrics might be from different UI Platforms, You can have chrome Cycle through the tabs and remain on a tab for X amount of time, this will also help reduce Burn In on the TV. We have done both options for our TV's.


Never really had thought about it, but makes so much sense! I'm really a Firefox user, but a lot of extensions are common between the two browsers. Could you recommend some extension you are using? Thx!

I dont recall and since we are all working from home that monitoring PC is turned off but here is an auto refresher extension:

Tab Cycler:


Some of us work in organizations that do not allow us to load extensions in browsers.

thats understandable but for now other then hitting shortcut button or the refresh button, this is the only work around, You can put in a RFE asking for an auto refresh as needed.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


that's not possible in Dynatrace in many places, however at some pages you have a "refresh" button. Can you share where would you need to "refresh" data? I can check with dev teams how we can help you and other users.

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Don't recall seeing a "refresh" button, I'm going to be surprised/embarassed when I see/notice it 😉

I mostly need to refresh in Transaction and services graphs.