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Complete list of Domain and IP of the access from Dynatrace server to the internet


I would like to install dynatrace, so I can communicate with the dynatrace server and I need the IP addresses to connect it to.
Thank you



Hi! Here is a link

Please check the last section

Thanks, but I need a ip for to link in server dynatrace,one is , and I need other three IP I can not download the dynatrace server

Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Is that what you need ?

Your Dynatrace Managed clusters must be able to communicate with Mission Control (URL: https://mcsvc.dynatrace.com1 and IP addresses:,,, and via HTTPS (port 443)
for license validation, health monitoring, and automatic updates.
Communication between Dynatrace Managed clusters and Mission Control is
based on TLS v1.2.

To enable health monitoring, your Dynatrace Managed Server must also have access to * (IP addresses,,,, and via HTTPS (port 443).


Update December 9th, 2021 :

Always refer to what's documented here:


Dynatrace required connection to only and and IP addresses:,,, and 


Starting version 1.232 for new installations we will require additionally:

``, `` and 

``, ``, ``.

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Roberta, Radoslaws response is for those running a Managed onpremise instance of Dynatrace. If you are using a SaaS tenant of Dynatrace, it depends on which data center your tenant is located. So if you have further questions, please be sure to clarify whether you're asking about a Managed instance or a SaaS instance.

I was looking for Dynatrace Managed and this is helpful! Thank you Radoslaw!


@Radoslaw_Szulgo wrote:

To enable health monitoring, your Dynatrace Managed Server must also have access to * (IP addresses,,,, and via HTTPS (port 443).

Why not list those domain and IPs in the official documentation?


Thank joseph , I use a SaaS instance.

For a SaaS instance, the IP address varies depending on your instance location. To find your personal IP addresses, select the Deploy Dynatrace -> Start Installation -> select your platform, and at the bottom of the page will be a list of your IPs.


IP addresses are automatically identified from the HTTP headers of web requests and the Dynatrace Real User Monitoring signal. However, when load balancers, CDNs, or proxies are used, the remote IP of the HTTP(S) request might be different from the original IP address from your end users' devices. For such cases, Dynatrace watches the HTTP headers most frequently used for identifying the originating IP address of a client connecting to a web server through an HTTP proxy, a CDN or a load balancer. To view which headers Dynatrace watches by default, go to Global Settings > Web & mobile monitoring -> IP determination. These headers are processed in a specific order.